Originates from Cabo verde, she started Kizomba in 2011 in Luxembourg and was trained by Kiki Neves. In 2012, Melissa created her own brand <<DO YOU DANCE KIZOMBA>> The same year, she started giving Kizomba classes and began organizing parties. In 2015, she started her partenariat with Darnell.
Originates from Congo, in 2012 he started Kizomba with Cymeone and won the “Kizomba delight” at Marseille in 2013.
A few months later, he joined Morenasso’s troupe. The same year he went to New York with Tony Pirata where he demonstrated a Semba show for Kizomba NYC. In 2014 he joined Curtis Seldon’s team known as « CMD » Change My Dance.
Darnell & Mélissa. 
After they made their own journey in Kizomba, they started a partnership in 2015. Then, they won the competition at Trace Toca together and danced in Nindja’s « STIMELA » official video clip. One year after they started their association they created a team of taxi dancers « CMD Luxembourg ».
You can find their videos and events on CMD Luxembourg Facebook page.