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Dj Ozy Shyne

Ozy Shyne is of Haitian origin, but was raised in Paris, France. He has a background as a professional Hip Hop dancer and during his 18 year long career he has been crowned World Hip Hop Champion in 2001.

He performed in musicals all over the world and danced in music videos as well as on stage with some of the worlds biggest artists, including Beyonce, Jay-Z, Eminem etc.

He has also starred in several French movies and been part of the first tutorial Hip Hop dance video in France, serving as an inspiration for thousands of dancers who started learning from his videos.

In 2008 he moved to London and successfully introduced new concepts to social salsa parties and won several awards for his events, such as the UK Special Events Price.
Thereafter Ozy was also the person who developed Kizomba in Croatia, where he was living for three years. He introduced and spread it over many cities all around the country.
His deep connection to Croatia exists even today. So Ozy has found an amazing and unique spot, where he is currently organizing the new O’Kiz Festival in Havar this august.

Besides being a talented and multifaceted dancer, Ozy is also a very frequently requested and highly appreciated DJ, playing different genres including Kizomba, Salsa, Hip Hop etc.
He knows how to select the right tunes and music and to read the crowd to create the perfect atmosphere on the dancefloor.

Ozy has been choreographing and dancing with some of the biggest Afro Caribbean artists like Kaysha, Nichols, Alison Hinds and Wareen.

Added to this, Ozy has acquired and improved his professional DJ skills in various genres including hip-hop, R n B, Dancehall, Salsa, Kizomba, Semba, Bachata and more, making him highly requested in a lot of events and parties around the world. His ability to connect with the crowd and adjust as well as uplift their energy has classified him as a very entertaining and yet focused DJ, with his personal mixes released reaching up to 1000 plays. His experience includes working with some of the biggest and most successful festivals, congresses and events worldwide, some being:

  • Croatian Summer Salsa Festival, Rovinj-Croatia 2012
  • Summer Sensual Days, Rovinj-Croatia 2012
  • Bratislava Kizomba Festival, 2012
  • Mambo city congress, London-UK
  • Voted best monthly parties in London: Suave/Ambiance/ Cafe de Paris etc
  • Various Kizomba, Bachata and Salsa events in Croatia, Paris, Valbonne, Cyprus, Vienna, Bratislava, UK and more
  • Clubs
  • Private Parties

and many other cities and countries such as Russia, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Vienna, Budapest, etc.

Today he is an international performer, teacher and DJ.
His many years of experience become apparent by his professionalism. He is a performer with heart and soul, true to his motto: Dance to express not impress.


  • Client

    Gold Eye Themes

  • Skills

    • DJ
    • Dancer
    • Teacher
    • Choreography
    • Instructor
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