Josy Semkiz was born in Angola, but grew up and studied in France. In

2011, she moved from France to England to further her studies. Dance

has always played a huge part in Josy’s life and cultural upbringing.

She was first introduced to Kizomba and Semba teaching through

Petchu, for her Petchu’s name embodies ‘knowledge, understanding,

history of a nation and much much more’. Even today he is still a big

influence upon her. In her earlier dancing days in France, Josy worked

alongside Patrick Toffa, and Cymeone Mopao Kizomba and this has

contributed in shaping her into the beautiful dancer we see today.

In 2012, after moving to the UK, Josy Semkiz met Eddy Vents and

became part of the famous Pitanga Dance Team UK and it was through

Eddy that Josy learned how to teach. Within the Pitanga Dance Team

Josy had the opportunity to meet a variety of dancers. In March 2012,

Rico and Josy Semkiz together won the GB Kizomba Competition and were invited to represent

the UK at ÁfricaDançar but unfortunately this was not to be due to an injury Josy obtained.

After recovering Josy was back on the UK Kizomba circuit and was invited to judge the

Eliminatory Stages of the GB Kizomba Competition in 2013 to select the next couple to send to

ÁfricaDançar to represent the UK. Since then, Josy Semkiz has been traveling in Europe and

America, in order to share her passion and knowledge around the world.